Why Get It Free When You Can Pay For It?

It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do in order to scam other people out of their hard earned money. Take Alice for example. Have a look at these great looking models at Alice Papermodels.  A fine collection of Battlestar Galactica ships ranging in price from a mere $8.00 US to an impressive $79.00 US for this beautiful 3 foot Battlestar Galactica model.

Battlestar Galactica built by Stephen Irl

Battlestar Galactica built by Stephen Irl

Now, if you open that second link and compare the image to the one at right, even the most casual observer will notice a striking similarity. It is in fact an image copied (stolen) directly from this web site, advertising (for $79.00 US) the very model that you can download from here, FOR FREE! At least 13 of the FREE models you can get here are being sold on Alice’s site. In fact, I recognize many of the models there and would bet any amount that every single one has been pirated from some other designer on the internet.

This enterprising person is collecting FREE paper model kits from designers all over the world, and selling them for big bucks. I can only hope that the poor suckers who are interested in these models are smart enough to search around before they shell out their hard-earned money to crooks like Alice.

So, it’s up to you. You can go to my download page and get it for free, or you can go ask Alice and pay big bucks for the same thing. I wonder if she took the red pill or the blue pill?


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5 Responses to Why Get It Free When You Can Pay For It?

  1. Adam Gunia says:

    I was just at that Alice Papermodels website and I noticed a lot of the models there were strikingly similar to the ones I found here.

    • Steve says:

      They are indeed the same ones, willfully stolen from here and offered up for sale. Bold as brass those pirates!

      • Adam Gunia says:

        Isn’t there a way you can sue them or something or get them known for stealing your models? It’s a shame that your works are stolen.

        • Steve says:

          This is a well known pirate site in the free world. In China (where the site lives) you can get away with a lot more. The main purpose for this post was to let people know they’re crooks. unfortunately it’s the norm with digital works.

          • Adam Gunia says:

            That is just terrible and unfortunate. Well, thank you for posting these papercrafts.

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