Concorde Build

Recently some people I know commissioned me to build a model of the Concorde as a birthday gift for a friend of theirs. The picture below shows the completed model pasted into a nice sky background. The kit was designed by Ralph Currell and Erik Te Groen, and is available on Ralphs website.

The kit is designed so that it can be built in the flight configuration as I did, or with the nose down as it appeared for take off and landing, or even with landing gear for a ground display version. I had the patterns printed at Staples. The laser printing was perfect for this kit, giving the model a very nice finish.

The finished model now resides in England. Click the image below to see a couple more shots of the finished model, and check out these assembly images for an overview of the assembly process.

The finished Concorde now resides in England

The finished Concorde now resides in England


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