Here you will find all the downloads I presently have available. As new kits are developed and added I’ll post a note on my main page. If you appreciate all the work that goes into the development of the models you download,  please make a donation to encourage and support future developments. You do not need a Paypal account to make a donation.


    • Airtractor 502B

      Airtractor Model

      Airtractor in 1/48 scale

      This was the very first paper model kit I developed. It was requested by a member on the cardmodels forums. Original thread. It’s available in two sizes:

      Assembly instructions are included in the zip file

  • Star Wars

    1:100 and 1:72 Scale

    • Imperial Tie Fighter
    • Imperial Tie Interceptor
      These are re-scaled versions of models by Alberto. Several years ago I contacted Alberto and got his permission to scale them up and host them on my site.

    • Mass Effect

      • Normandy SR1 built by Bob (F131)

        From the game Mass Effect the Normandy SR1
        You can also download the PDO file if you want to change the scale etc.

      • Coming soon(ish) the Normandy SR2.
        I am currently working on the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect 2. You can follow the development in my design thread on

    • Descent and Descent II


      The Video Game

      Descent and Descent 2 are still among my all time favourite video games. Some time ago I created this little model of one of the enemy robots from the game. The original 3D model and textures came from  I have included two versions. The lined version which shows the fold lines in black, and a lightly lined version with the fold lines colored a lighter gray that blends in more, making the final model a little nicer.  Click the image at right for more pictures of this build by andersonmr34 at Enjoy!

      Medium Lifter – Lined version
      Medium Lifter – lightly lined version


      Front view


      Rear view


      The robot attacks!




      Light Hulk

      Light Hulk

    • Here is one of the larger enemy robots, referred to as a Light Hulk. The pattern is available in both lined and unlined versions. Instead of detailed instructions I have included a black & white reference pattern with the textures turned off so that you can clearly see where the fold lines are, and I have added some notes to guide assembly.
      Light Hulk – Lined version
      Light Hulk – Unlined version
      Light Hulk – Reference

More to come…

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