Layered Sculpture

I’ve still not been doing much in the papercraft world other than some occasional origami, but lately I’ve been trying to finish off a few projects I’ve had in the works for far too long. While working on one of those projects I ran across this little item I did a number of years ago.

Composed of 132 individual layers

Composed of 132 individual layers

I saw something similar on a website and had to try it myself. I started with a 3D model of a head that I found on the internet and sliced it into layers in my favourite 3D editor (Metasequoia). After arranging and numbering the layers I printed them on cardstock, then cut them out and stacked them up.

If you want to try it yourself you can download the file here: Download Sculpted Head

Edit: On a whim I enlarged the pattern for printing on (or laminating to) 1mm stock, which should result in a figure about 13 cm tall. The tiny one is a challenge, but if you would like to try the larger size here it is: SculptedHead-Large.pdf

Have fun!

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Mocking Jay Pin

A couple months ago I saw the movie “The Hunger Games”. I enjoyed the movie and while digging around on the internet later I ran across pictures of the pin the main character wore. I thought it would be fun to try and make one using layers of paper to build it up. I used one of the pictures as the base and whipped up a pattern over the next couple days as a test.

Boxed set with pin

In the meantime I happened to be in the local Wal-Mart and saw this special boxed edition of the movie that came with a pin and just had to buy it.

The pin that came with the movie was somewhat different than the picture I had based my first version on, so I had to make another one using a photo of my new pin as the base. The results are shown below.

All in all they both turned out well, and both have their appeal. I’ve glued small, strong magnets to the back to use them as fridge magnets. The pin itself has been brushed with a brush on super glue (CA glue) to strengthen it. They are surprisingly tough.

Both versions are available in the downloads section. Enjoy, and if you make one please send me a picture of it. I love to see my work being made by others.

Pin from the boxed set (center) with my v1 (left) and v2 (right)


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European Robin

I recently finished this build of a model designed by Johan Scherft,  an artist who makes incredibly life-like models of birds by creating the shape in paper, then hand painting them. This particular model is available as a free download at along with another of Johann’s earlier models, the Crested Tit.

Johan has a few other models you can download from his website, others that are available for purchase and the files are emailed to you, others as printed kits, and his completed models are offered for sale as well. I quite enjoyed building this one, and will definitely build others.

Below is a shot of the finished bird on a custom wood stand I made from scraps I had in the shop. It’s not the best build in the world, but from a distance it still looks great and I’m quite pleased with it.

European Robin

Completed European Robin Model

The entire model is layed out on a single A4 page, which I just printed to fit on letter sized. The only instructions are in the form of brief notes and a couple diagrams on the page, but at sixteen parts total, eight of which are toes, I found these to be sufficient.

For assembly I used joining strips rather than the tabs to get a smoother body. I’d like to go back and build it again, but next time I would edit the pattern to lighten the black cut lines. I didn’t worry about getting all of the line cut off, and in some areas the cuts are so fine it’s almost impossible, but the black of the lines show in the finished project. On the wings I did use the supplied glue tabs (with a little coloring along the borders) as this adds depth to the wing.

If you want a little more detail on the build I posted a longer version of this post in my favourite forum. Meanwhile click the image below for more pictures of the build process. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and I strongly urge you to check out the designers web site. You’ll be amazed at the work he does.

Parts Page

This is the parts page with the main body already cut out.


Hidden div for more pictures.

Main body under construction

This is the main body under construction, I used joining strips instead of the tabs.

One of the wings

This is one of the wings

Adding the toes

Adding the toes

European Robin

Completed European Robin Model

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