Downloadable Hand Decorated Origami Crane

These are my original hand decorated origami cranes. Each wing is a different design.

These are my original hand decorated origami cranes. Each wing is a different design.

Here is my rendition of a hand decorated origami crane, inspired by Cristian Marianciuc. I drew different wing designs on each wing to see what I liked best. (click the images to enlarge)


The finished Crane

Once I had a design I liked I scanned it into the computer, then used Gimp to mirror the pattern I liked best onto the other wing.

I then created a pdf file which you can download here. Print yourself a copy, cut out the pattern and fold along to get your very own hand decorated crane.

The final result is shown at right.


Printed pattern

How to Make It

  1. Print the pattern and cut it out.
  2. Starting with the printed side up, valley fold then unfold along both diagonals.


Valley fold both diagonals, mountain fold side to side and top to bottom.

  1. Flip the pattern over, then book fold and unfold side to side and top to bottom.
  2. Flip it over again. You should have something like the image at right.
  3. Collapse this into a square base.


Continue folding into a standard Bird Base

  1. Continue folding to make a normal bird base .
  2. Finish folding the crane normally.

The printed wing pattern should be on the inside like this.

  1. When your bird base is finished the printed wing pattern will be on the inside.
  2. OrigamiCranes07

    Make sure you form the head on the correct side of the wings.

  3. Before you form the head note which side is the “front” edge of the wing pattern.


The finished Crane

The finished crane.


Reverse fold the central body so it hides down inside the crane and glue it closed for a nicer effect.

This image shows two cranes I folded. The one on the left is the usual Crane. For the one on the right I reverse-folded the body down inside the crane and then used a bit of glue to glue it closed. I like the effect it creates.

If you enjoy folding this origami crane, donations are greatly appreciated.

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