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A while back I was perusing this thread on and got inspired to build another one of Johan Scherfts bird models. This is one of his earlier kits and I wasn’t super happy with the results, but it’s okay. I made a stand for it from a piece of branch and a piece of wood I had in the shop. I also bought Johan’s latest book, Beautiful Paper Birds.

I’m looking forward to making those.

Crested Tit

Papercraft bird from a kit by Johan Scherft

More recently a post on got me browsing the work of Cristian Marianciuc. The things he’s done with simple origami cranes are brilliant. I had to try some of his ideas myself and made these two cranes. I did each wing slightly differently to experiment. I plan on creating a downloadable pattern that I’ll post here when it’s ready.

Hand decorated cranes

Origami Cranes – hand decorated

Thanks for stopping by.

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Layered Sculpture

I’ve still not been doing much in the papercraft world other than some occasional origami, but lately I’ve been trying to finish off a few projects I’ve had in the works for far too long. While working on one of those projects I ran across this little item I did a number of years ago.

Composed of 132 individual layers

Composed of 132 individual layers

I saw something similar on a website and had to try it myself. I started with a 3D model of a head that I found on the internet and sliced it into layers in my favourite 3D editor (Metasequoia). After arranging and numbering the layers I printed them on cardstock, then cut them out and stacked them up.

If you want to try it yourself you can download the file here: Download Sculpted Head

Edit: On a whim I enlarged the pattern for printing on (or laminating to) 1mm stock, which should result in a figure about 13 cm tall. The tiny one is a challenge, but if you would like to try the larger size here it is: SculptedHead-Large.pdf

Have fun!

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Robots from Descent


Medium Lifter

descent1I’ve added a couple new models to the Downloads page. These are from the video game Descent, released by Interplay in 1995.

Pictured at right is the Medium Lifter, a common and annoying enemy robot in the game. Below is the Light Hulk, a less common, but more annoying enemy robot.

Check out the downloads page and build yours today.

Light Hulk

Light Hulk

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BSG Celestra Now Available



A couple recent requests for the Celestra from Battlestar Galactica have gotten me motivated to get that project finished up. The original release of this model was on the forum at Through a couple hosting changes and misadventures the files for the small version of the Celestra were lost.  I have cleaned up the unfold and made a few revisions and created both lined and unlined versions of the model. The original large version of the model is also included. The assembly instructions are simple, consisting of a set of images indicating part numbers and the general assembly sequence.

If you build it I’d love to have a picture of the finished project to use on the download page.

The models are now available on the Battlestar Galactica page. Get yours today!

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New Snowram with options

SnowRam With Luggage

SnowRam With Optional Luggage

Just added to the Battlestar Galactica page is the Snowram version of Revell-Fan’s Landram. Along with the new version comes an optional luggage rack, and enhanced headlights that can be used on any of the Landram versions. The enhanced headlights are intended to be glued over top of the original lights so you could even apply them to a model you have already built.


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Blaster from “V”


Blaster from the mini-series “V”

Our good friend Revell-Fan has kindly provided me with this excellent  model of the blaster from the mini-series “V” to fill the void in the weapons category here at StevesPaper.  I’ve also got a weapon project in the works that I hope to post soon. I didn’t think of it earlier, but also in the weapons category is Revell-Fan’s amazing model of the Colonial Blaster, part of the Colonial Warrior’s Survival Pack. Check them out, download them, build them, and send me some photos. I’d love to add some pictures of other peoples builds to the site.

Download Model

Bye for now!

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Santa bi-plane from Paper-Replika

I just finished this great Christmas decoration from Julius Perdana over at The Santa bi-plane is a nicely detailed kit, but as released it’s quite large. I intended to use it as a tree ornament so I printed it at two-pages per sheet so it’s half size. The finished (half-size) model has a wing span of about 14 cm. (a little under 6 in.), and at this size some of the parts were pretty small. I wouldn’t recommend making it any smaller. If you want a nice decoration for next year keep this model in mind.

Merry Christmas,


Finished Santa bi-plane

Finished Santa bi-plane


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Mocking Jay Pin

A couple months ago I saw the movie “The Hunger Games”. I enjoyed the movie and while digging around on the internet later I ran across pictures of the pin the main character wore. I thought it would be fun to try and make one using layers of paper to build it up. I used one of the pictures as the base and whipped up a pattern over the next couple days as a test.

Boxed set with pin

In the meantime I happened to be in the local Wal-Mart and saw this special boxed edition of the movie that came with a pin and just had to buy it.

The pin that came with the movie was somewhat different than the picture I had based my first version on, so I had to make another one using a photo of my new pin as the base. The results are shown below.

All in all they both turned out well, and both have their appeal. I’ve glued small, strong magnets to the back to use them as fridge magnets. The pin itself has been brushed with a brush on super glue (CA glue) to strengthen it. They are surprisingly tough.

Both versions are available in the downloads section. Enjoy, and if you make one please send me a picture of it. I love to see my work being made by others.

Pin from the boxed set (center) with my v1 (left) and v2 (right)


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Colonial Raptor Updated

Hey there Battlestar Galactica fans. This is just a quick note to let you know that Revell-Fan has updated some of the files for the Colonial Raptor. Apparently there were some extra glue tabs on a couple parts, and a texture problem in the Red Med-evac and Green versions of the raptor. The assembly instructions have been updated slightly as well, and a display stand has been added. The display stand is available in several color schemes, and a plain white version that you can get creative with. Make sure you only print the pages you need.

The BSG Fleet Page has been updated so if you download any of the files from there you will get the most recent version.

If you downloaded the Red or Green versions of the raptor prior to today (Sep 23/12) you can download the appropriate patch file here, or go to the fleet page and get a whole new package.

Patch file for Red Med-evac version

Patch file for Green version



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Colonial Raptor by Revell-Fan

Raptor built by Revell-Fan

Raptor built by Revell-Fan

I’m very excited to announce this latest addition to the Battlestar Galactica Fleet – the Colonial Raptor. Revell-Fan has done a fantastic job developing this kit, and gone the extra mile to make it in four different color schemes. The desert camo scheme is shown here, and the kit is also available in gray, green, and med-evac red. Many thanks to Revell-Fan for another fine addition to the fleet.

Download yours from the Battlestar Galactica Fleet page.

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