Mohalia by Ancella Simoes

Mohalia, original design by Ancella Simoes

Mohalia, original design by Ancella Simoes

Here’s a beautiful modular origami flower I made recently. This is an original design by Ancella Simoes. Her original post shows a beautiful example of what you can achieve with the right paper. Her site has lots of other great stuff too so be sure to check it out. Click the images for a larger view.

I picked up some Kimono patterned paper at our local book store and chose this one to try out the design. I’m very happy with the results.

The modular components are very easy to make. The original design called for 16 pieces, but mine ended up only using 15. Apparently some variation in my folding or assembly affected the number of pieces required in the final flower.

Mohalia in sunlight

Mohalia in sunlight

This is a very elegant design and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes modular origami. The instructions are available in issue 2 of Reference Fold, a free, downloadable e-book by Joshua Goutam. Click the link above and scroll down a bit to find the download link. There are several other free origami e-books you can download there as well, including Reference Fold #1.


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New Additions to BSG Fleet

A number of new models have been added to the Battlestar Galactica Fleet.

  • Large version of the Tube ship by Revell-Fan
  • The Colonial Movers kit by Revell-Fan
  • The Platform ship
  • The Intersun Luxury Liner
  • The Cylon Base Star from Revell-Fan
  • The Pylon vessel from Revell-Fan

Big thanks to Revell-Fan for many of these additions.

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Colonial One Download

Colonial One Paper Model

Colonial One by Revell-Fan

Revell-Fan, a fellow member of the Card Models forum at developed this excellent paper model kit of Colonial One from Battlestar Galactica and has kindly given me permission to host it here with the rest of the fleet.

The kit features beautiful textures and excellent instructions, and as you can see it builds into a wonderful display model.

Grab it now from the BSG page.

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