Layered Sculpture

I’ve still not been doing much in the papercraft world other than some occasional origami, but lately I’ve been trying to finish off a few projects I’ve had in the works for far too long. While working on one of those projects I ran across this little item I did a number of years ago.

Composed of 132 individual layers

Composed of 132 individual layers

I saw something similar on a website and had to try it myself. I started with a 3D model of a head that I found on the internet and sliced it into layers in my favourite 3D editor (Metasequoia). After arranging and numbering the layers I printed them on cardstock, then cut them out and stacked them up.

If you want to try it yourself you can download the file here: Download Sculpted Head

Edit: On a whim I enlarged the pattern for printing on (or laminating to) 1mm stock, which should result in a figure about 13 cm tall. The tiny one is a challenge, but if you would like to try the larger size here it is: SculptedHead-Large.pdf

Have fun!

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