Berserk Battlestar Missing Instructions

It’s been brought to my attention that the Berserk Battlestar package I uploaded the other day was missing the instructions. I’ve uploaded a new zip file with everything in it and updated the link on the  Battlestar Galactica Fleet page.

If you downloaded that kit prior to today, please download it again to get the revised package.

Sorry about that!

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New BSG Fleet additions

A number of new ships have been added to the Battlestar Galactica Fleet pack. forum member Scott Warner ran across my request for missing files and sent me copies he had.  Trent Henry also graciously granted me permission to host copies of his Cloud 9 and Berserk models here: The full list of additions is:

Cloud 9 by Trent Henry.
Cylon Heavy Raider
The Platform ship small version
Berserk Battlestar by Trent Henry and Jaybats
The Colonial Defender

Head over to the Fleet Pack page and download yours now. And by all means send me build pics. I’d love to hear from anyone that has built any of these models. If I get pictures I’ll even start a guest gallery of builds people have done.

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