Modular Origami Swan

A couple of years ago I saw some pictures and patterns on the internet for this beautiful modular origami swan. The swan was made from about 500 triangular pieces, each folded from small rectangles of paper.

Image - Modular Origami Swan

Modular Origami Swan

I decided that I wanted to make one, and went looking for a pattern. The pattern I settled on required about 400 triangles. I started folding the pieces, and eventually I got them all made and started assembling the swan, but over time other things took priority. Recently I decided to get that project finished, and I’m happy to say it turned out beautifully.

If your interested in more there is a good instructable by krysteanuh on (Modular Origami Swan) and if you search on youtube you will find many examples and some good tutorials. You can make all kinds of amazing things with this same technique.


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