Origami Workshop

Recently I was asked by the Cranbrook and District Arts Council if I would lead an Introduction to Origami workshop. Since then I’ve been putting together a plan and folding like crazy testing things out. Naturally, along the way I’ve been running across dozens of great models I want to fold. The gallery below shows some of the models we’ll be doing in the workshop, along with a few I just had to do while I was digging around looking for material.

The butterfly from GoOrigami.com is very easy to fold but looks great, and will be used to introduce the waterbomb base. The piano and star box are traditional models that we’ll be doing in the workshop to illustrate basic concepts and practice squash folds. The traditional crane will be the ultimate goal of the workshop. If time permits we’ll do the samurai helmet and fish, and others.

Flowers are always a great item to fold, making nice gifts, and offering limitless options for presentation and display. The lotus flower below was in the instructions included in a package of origami paper that was given to me. Also pictured are the traditional lily, the Primula by Mitsonubu Sonobe (diagrams found at happyfolding.com), a five-pointed variation of the traditional lily created by John Montroll, and the Zhoubi bowl by Philip Chapman-Bell. The available links I could find for the Zhoubi bowl diagrams were all broken, so I emailed Philip and he replied with a new link to the diagram. They are released under a Creative Commons license so I’ve taken the liberty of hosting a copy here.



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