New Additions to BSG Fleet

A number of new models have been added to the Battlestar Galactica Fleet.

  • Large version of the Tube ship by Revell-Fan
  • The Colonial Movers kit by Revell-Fan
  • The Platform ship
  • The Intersun Luxury Liner
  • The Cylon Base Star from Revell-Fan
  • The Pylon vessel from Revell-Fan

Big thanks to Revell-Fan for many of these additions.

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Colonial One Download

Colonial One Paper Model

Colonial One by Revell-Fan

Revell-Fan, a fellow member of the Card Models forum at developed this excellent paper model kit of Colonial One from Battlestar Galactica and has kindly given me permission to host it here with the rest of the fleet.

The kit features beautiful textures and excellent instructions, and as you can see it builds into a wonderful display model.

Grab it now from the BSG page.

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Tube Ship online

Image of Tube Ship

Colonial Tube Ship

I have added the tube ship to the downloads for the Battlestar Galactica fleet pack.  I’m now working on re-doing the layout for the Celestra. The original release had lots of extra lines on the pattern and I felt it no longer meets my standards, so I’m updating it, and making a few adjustments as I go along.


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New BSG Fleet ships

I have added a bunch more of the ships to the Battlestar Galactica Fleet pack.  There are several more to come, but I don’t have copies of all the original release files. Some were lost from the downloads section at when they changed servers. The rest no longer meet my standards for a well-unfolded and presented model so I am going to re-work them before I post them here.

If you happen to have copies of the missing files from Zealot I’d appreciate hearing from you. The missing ones are:

  • Cylon Heavy Raider
  • Instructions for the Intersun Line
  • Colonial Platform ship

Bye for now.

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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica built by Stephen Irl

Battlestar Galactica built by Stephen Irl

This model of the Battlestar Galactica (from the new series) was developed as part of the Battlestar Galactica Fleet Pack. A long history of the development, and links to many other fleet models can be found in the original forum thread, and in the download section at

Over the next few weeks or months I will get the rest of the fleet posted here as well, and build a dedicated download page for them.


The Downloads page is now live and the Battlestar Galactica Fleet Pack even has it’s own page. Go check it out.

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