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New BSG Fleet additions

A number of new ships have been added to the Battlestar Galactica Fleet pack. forum member Scott Warner ran across my request for missing files and sent me copies he had.  Trent Henry also graciously granted me permission to host copies of his Cloud 9 and Berserk models here: The full list of additions is:

Cloud 9 by Trent Henry.
Cylon Heavy Raider
The Platform ship small version
Berserk Battlestar by Trent Henry and Jaybats
The Colonial Defender

Head over to the Fleet Pack page and download yours now. And by all means send me build pics. I’d love to hear from anyone that has built any of these models. If I get pictures I’ll even start a guest gallery of builds people have done.

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Recent Projects

Lately I’ve been on an origami kick, particularly modular origami. Here I’ll post a collection of my latest projects, as well as a teaser or two of things to come.

Click on the pictures for a larger view, and for more pictures of the various projects.

Three Swans

Three swans in different sizes & styles. Click for more pictures.

Modular Swans

A few months ago I finished my first modular swan as a gift for a friend. I also bought a small glass dome with a wooden display base for it (see the images).

That project led to me making three more for display (and hopefully sale) in the gift shop at the local airport, where I work part-time. I’ve since made two more, one of which was sold, and the other is on consignment at our local book store.

Flying Crane

Flying Crane. Click for more pictures


This flying crane is from the same book as my original swan, “Modular Origami, Step by Step”. The book is no longer in print, and is very expensive on the used market, but it’s a great book. The book calls for two different sized triangles, but I used three sizes. This crane is also on display at the airport gift shop. One day a lady commented that she’d love a Canada Goose made in this way, which leads to the next project.

Canada Goose

My first Canada Goose. Click for more pictures.

Canada Goose

Based on the pattern for the crane, above , I created a Canada Goose using brown, black and white triangles, also in three different sizes. I simplified the pattern for the neck, thereby reducing the total number of pieces required, and giving what I think is a nicer overall look.

I’ve documented the pattern and piece sizes I used so you can download it and make your own.

Download the pattern.

Modular Dragon

While surfing around and looking at what other people have made using this modular method I ran across several dragons like this one at deviantart and decided that I had to make one too. Some experimenting led to the basic design shown here. I’ve done some additional experimenting with the head (click the image here to see more)  and am now busy folding triangles so I can continue the assembly. Later I’ll work out how to attach the legs, document it all and post the pattern and instructions.

Dragon - Basic body pattern

Dragon – Basic body pattern


Hidden Stuff

Small swan on scale cube

Small swan on 5cm scale cube

My first swan in display dome

My first swan in display dome

New swan in Glass Dome

New Swan in Glass Dome

Three Swans

Three swans on the mantle

Flying Crane

Flying Crane

Flying Crane

Flying Crane

Dragon Head

Dragon Head (incomplete)

Dragon body sample

Dragon body sample

My Second Canada Goose

My Second Canada Goose

Just another shot of Canada Goose

Just another shot of Canada Goose

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Enhanced Geminon Transport Available

Geminon Transport

Now available in the Battlestar Galactica fleet downloads is the enhanced Geminon Transport. I like to think I did a good job on the original model and package, but Marcell von Dem Berge (Revell-Fan on has taken the original material, combined it with his own enhancements and corrections to the model,  and then greatly enhanced the instructions and packaging to turn it into a superior  product.

If you want a model of this ship, this is the one to get.


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Mohalia by Ancella Simoes

Mohalia, original design by Ancella Simoes

Mohalia, original design by Ancella Simoes

Here’s a beautiful modular origami flower I made recently. This is an original design by Ancella Simoes. Her original post shows a beautiful example of what you can achieve with the right paper. Her site has lots of other great stuff too so be sure to check it out. Click the images for a larger view.

I picked up some Kimono patterned paper at our local book store and chose this one to try out the design. I’m very happy with the results.

The modular components are very easy to make. The original design called for 16 pieces, but mine ended up only using 15. Apparently some variation in my folding or assembly affected the number of pieces required in the final flower.

Mohalia in sunlight

Mohalia in sunlight

This is a very elegant design and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes modular origami. The instructions are available in issue 2 of Reference Fold, a free, downloadable e-book by Joshua Goutam. Click the link above and scroll down a bit to find the download link. There are several other free origami e-books you can download there as well, including Reference Fold #1.


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New Additions to BSG Fleet

A number of new models have been added to the Battlestar Galactica Fleet.

  • Large version of the Tube ship by Revell-Fan
  • The Colonial Movers kit by Revell-Fan
  • The Platform ship
  • The Intersun Luxury Liner
  • The Cylon Base Star from Revell-Fan
  • The Pylon vessel from Revell-Fan

Big thanks to Revell-Fan for many of these additions.

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Colonial One Download

Colonial One Paper Model

Colonial One by Revell-Fan

Revell-Fan, a fellow member of the Card Models forum at developed this excellent paper model kit of Colonial One from Battlestar Galactica and has kindly given me permission to host it here with the rest of the fleet.

The kit features beautiful textures and excellent instructions, and as you can see it builds into a wonderful display model.

Grab it now from the BSG page.

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Yasu Tanaka F1 Jaguar

Finished F1 Jaguar

Recently I finished building the Jaguar Formula 1 car by Yasu Tanaka. I’d wanted to build one for some time, and I needed a picture for my menus, so it seemed like time to do it.

This build was my first attempt at clear-coating the parts sheets before assembly. I’m very pleased with the end result, but I did find that the clear coat interfered with gluing in a number of places, and I had to carefully scrape the clear coat off to allow the glue to adhere better.

Overall the kit is excellent and I would recommend it, but read further for a few cautions. The present instructions consist of a series of photos with (very) brief text but use small, low resolution images. There is also a numbered schematic that identifies all the parts and where they go. The schematic is actual size so you can easily compare pieces with the schematic. Higher resolution images would help immensely, and familiarity with Formula 1 cars would help too. It took me some extra time to figure out where some parts went and how to fold them since I know next to nothing about the subject other than they look cool and go very fast. I’ve included some pictures from my build below. Perhaps they will be helpful to someone.

The finished model is 13.5 cm long (5.25 inches). If I were to build another one of Tanaka’s kits I think I would enlarge it 25 to 50%. Some of the parts were very small, and I don’t generally mind small parts, so that’s saying something. In the end I’m very happy with the finished model and am eager to build another F1 car in a larger scale and with more detail.

Enjoy the pictures!


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Modular Origami Ornament

A couple of years ago my son and I were Christmas shopping at the local mall. Numerous vendors rent tables in the mall at this time of year, and at one of these we found a delightful young Asian lady selling these beautiful modular origami ornaments. Being interested in all things paper I stopped to ask her about them. Not only did she tell me all about them, she gave me a copy of the instructions, showed me how to fold the pieces, how to assemble them, and how to assemble the final product. We gratefully bought one of her ornaments (for a mere 8$) and carried on with our shopping.

As the following Christmas approached I finally got arounMy First Modular Origami Ornamentd to trying one myself. This, one, in simple red and green became a Christmas gift for my mother.  I didn’t have any good origami paper, so this is a plain “folding paper” which is the same color on both sides. Traditional origami paper is colored on one side and white on the other.

I was quite pleased with the result of my My Second Modular Origami Ornamentfirst ornament (and my mother loved it, of course),  so, when I finally got hold of some proper origami paper I had to make another one. You can see how the white underside adds detail to the individual “flower” sections in the final product.

If you’re interested in learning more you’ll find an excellent tutorial on this particular ornament at “Folding Trees“.  An excellent collection illustrating the amazing variety that can be realized with this technique can be found at And of course, if you search for “kusudama” you’ll find hundreds more.

Oh, and last but not least, I have to share a great laugh I got as I was uploading the images for this post.  My typing skills are average at best, and after uploading the first image I was typing the caption “My First Origami Ornament”. However, I made a couple of typos and got “Modular Origasmi POrnament“. What are the chances of two typos working so well together?


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Modular Origami Swan

A couple of years ago I saw some pictures and patterns on the internet for this beautiful modular origami swan. The swan was made from about 500 triangular pieces, each folded from small rectangles of paper.

Image - Modular Origami Swan

Modular Origami Swan

I decided that I wanted to make one, and went looking for a pattern. The pattern I settled on required about 400 triangles. I started folding the pieces, and eventually I got them all made and started assembling the swan, but over time other things took priority. Recently I decided to get that project finished, and I’m happy to say it turned out beautifully.

If your interested in more there is a good instructable by krysteanuh on (Modular Origami Swan) and if you search on youtube you will find many examples and some good tutorials. You can make all kinds of amazing things with this same technique.


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Tube Ship online

Image of Tube Ship

Colonial Tube Ship

I have added the tube ship to the downloads for the Battlestar Galactica fleet pack.  I’m now working on re-doing the layout for the Celestra. The original release had lots of extra lines on the pattern and I felt it no longer meets my standards, so I’m updating it, and making a few adjustments as I go along.


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